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Temporary human presence in a desolated landscape, rural or urban, that is what my work is about. Traces of interfering, growth, decay, height, water, plants, sun, rain, wind, soil, seasonal change, light- and darkness. What is happening around me if I make myself a temporary 'home' in an unknown area. To investigate that theme I travelled nine weeks through California  a couple of years ago with, in the back of my rented car, 'skins' of textile and a tent in a dome form. I was looking for deserted area's to install my textile domes. I wanted them to express the displacement and isolation I was experiencing then. That brought me some very intense memories which I captured in pictures. These images I printed on silk and embroidered. A year later I repeated this trip in the Netherlands to compare the unknown of California with the familiar of my homeland. Bye the way although Holland is much more populated than rural California: I did not feel less isolated in hindsight. Home is not always a place.

In my latest work I take a different perspective of the same theme asking myself; how looks the landscape from above with some human interference: working with the bird's-eye view of a drone in search of human presence in Europe. 



















2021 - May/June               "Beyond bounderies' - galery High Five Art -group exposition in Baarle Nassau.NL

2017 - May                          KunstRonde Vecht & Plassen, regional art tour and group exposition. NL

2016 - May                          KunstRonde Vecht & Plassen, regional art tour and two group expositions. NL

2015 -July/August             "Textielleeft", regional textile art tour round the village of Borne, Twente. NL

2015 - May                          KunstRonde Vecht & Plassen, regional art tour and group exposition. NL

2013 - July                         "Textielleeft"   regional textile art tour round the village of Zweeloo, Drenthe. NL 

2013 -  May                          KunstRonde Vecht & Plassen, regional art tour and group exposition. NL

2012 -  May                          KunstRonde Vecht & Plassen, regional art tour and group exposition. NL 

2012 - March                       Fine  Art show in the town hall of Arnhem. group exposition. NL

2012 - February                  participant in the book  'Textile art around the world '

2011 - May                           KunstRonde Vecht & Plassen, regional art tour and group exposition. NL 

2010 - May                           visitor centre of 'recreation ship: Het Twisk-Waterland'  duo exhibition - Oostzaan.NL




participant in the book:Textielkunst wereldwijd - Textile Art around the world



2020 - 2004 - masterclasses in textile techniques/textile language. Teachers: Sue Stone, Haf Weighton, Susy Vickery, Gregory T. Wilkens, Merill Comeau, Debbie Lyddon May, Cas Holmes, Cherilyn Martin, Christine van der Heide, Ana Lisa Hedstrom,  Yoshiko Wada, Joy Boultrup, Norma Starszakowna, Claire Benn, Zane Berzina, Olga Prins, Annette Jeukens, Gil de Vloo, Malena Kristiansen, Annelies de Graaf, Irene van der Wolf,

Coming up autumn 2020: Daniel Henry, Ailish Henderson, Anne Kelly, Julie B Booth

2004 -1994   Colour, proportion, style, image. and image management.  Academy of image consultancy-Amersfoort.NL

1989 - 1987  coupeuse couture and confection.  Rotterdamse Snijschool - Hilversum. NL

1984 - 1979  BA with honor, in teaching in Textiles art and techniques. and social skills.  Hogeschool Utrecht-Utrecht. NL



Board of  KunstRonde Vecht & Plassen - 2012-2017 - responsible for Public Relations

Surface Design Association USA - Europe. Since 2005   www.sda.org

TextileArtist.org Stitch Club - UK. Since May 2020  wwww.TextilArtist.org

fotoprints op zijde Ontheemd mei 2015.jp
Exposition of my work in 'Fort Nieuwersluis' in Nieuwersluis- world heritage site. NL .May 2016
My work in The Deel-Maarssen.NL May 2017  
Work in progress for the serie Displaced in the Netherlands. Location: the beach in Bergen aan Zee. NL
September 2015