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Dispair - serie of two 2016
open-screen print on polyester, acryl paint, hand embroidery  30x40cm
Autumn, spring summer and winter - serie of four - 2009
felt, polyester, leaves and goldthread   50x40cm
To observe and being observed - 2012
7 pieces as part of an installation with different (self)portrets on silk, felt, embroiderd with cotton thread and pearls
different seizes
Reaching out - 2014 .
3D piece of handmade felt with photograph's on silk, tie wraps   
Hoar frost - 2010 
serie of 12 pieces - different techniques and textile materials
19x21 cm 
Elderberry - 2015.  serie of ten
photoprint on silk, polyester, felt, wool, beads, lace, different techniques
 different seizes