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'Ins blaue hinein -  Landscape Europe 2017-2019
Marbling on silk with hand embroidery.
70x120cm. 8 artworks in pairs of two
Hannie van Weel will be exhibiting the work: "Ins blaue Hinein" in the Beyond Bounderies exhibition organised by the Surface Design Association at the HighFive Art gallery in Baarle Nassau from May 1 till August 22 2021
Finnisage August 22 at 16.00 hrs
25 of the 100 members of the European branch of the  Surface Design Association (based in the USA) were invited to make new work for this juried exhibition based on the theme: Beyond Bounderies.  

For those who cannot travel or are curious to see (part) of the artwork, pls check the following:

The SDA Online exhibition link is this.

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